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Virgin Media Business Broadband

Virgin Media is a telecommunications company based in Reading. They are huge in the consumer broadband market and also provide a variety of telecommunications services, including landline, mobile and broadband.

Virgin Media provide their business broadband service using their proprietary cable broadband network which delivers ultra fast broadband speeds.

Here we answer everything you need to know about Virgin Media Business Broadband.

Virgin Media Business Broadband customer service

All your customer service needs for Virgin business broadband can be found here:

Virgin Media Business Broadband contact number

To access the Virgin Media Business Broadband contact number, select your business type here, then call the number ad extension relevant to your query.

For the following:

  • Small businesses (1-10 people): 0800 052 0800 – Option 1 > 4
  • Medium to Large businesses (10+): 0800 052 0800 – Option 2 > 4
  • Public sector: 0800 052 0800
  • Wholesale: 0800 052 0800

Virgin Media Business Broadband contact email

Unfortunately, they don’t have an email address to contact regarding customer service.

However, if you need help, are having any issues or need to ask a question, your best bet is to access the customer service page and call one of the numbers depending on your business size.

Virgin Media Business Broadband contact us page

To view Virgin Media business broadband’s contact us page, click here.

Virgin Media Business Broadband Customer Login

Here’s the Virgin Media Business Broadband login for customers: Virgin Businesses Customer Area.

Virgin Media Business Broadband deals

For the latest business broadband deals, you can use the Business Broadband Hub business broadband comparison service.

Here’s a breakdown of the standard packages offered by Virgin Media Business Broadband:

  • Voom 400
    • Download speed: Up to 400Mbps
    • Upload speed: Up to 40Mbps
    • Voom 400 Fibre Business Broadband
    • Dynamic IP
    • 24 working HR resolution
  • Voom 600
    • Download speed: Up to 600Mbps
    • Upload speed: Up to 50Mbps
    • Voom 600 Fibre Business Broadband
    • Dynamic or 1 static IP
    • 16 working hr resolution
  • Voom 800
    • Voom 800 Fibre Business Broadband
    • Dynamic or up to 5 static IPs
    • 16 working hr resolution
  • Voom Gig1
    • Download speed: Up to 1000Mbps
    • Upload speed: Up to 50Mbps
    • Voom Gig1 Fibre Business Broadband
    • Dynamic or up to 5 static IPs
    • 12 working hr resolution

Virgin Media Business Broadband status

Check the Virgin Media business broadband status here.

How to cancel Virgin Media Business Broadband

To cancel Virgin Media Business Broadband, you must initially fill out their disconnection form. The disconnection form can be found here.

For businesses, unfortunately, Virgin Media will not cancel or acknowledge any package reductions other than through their disconnection form. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get your contract amended or cancelled.

If you struggle to get a response from them, it may be worth signing in or heading to their contact us page and jumping on their live chat to discuss.

How much is Virgin Media Business Broadband?

The cheapest package for business broadband starts from £33 per month. We advise you to compare business broadband deals and find a few that match your requirements.

That way, you can review and compare each provider and look into their reviews from current and past customers to ensure you are making the right decision.

Business broadband is a huge expense to most businesses, so getting the best deal for your company is important.

Find out more in our ultimate guide to business broadband prices.

Virgin Media Business Broadband – FAQs

Here, we answer the most popular questions surrounding Virgin Media Business Broadband.

Is Virgin Media Business Broadband down?

Possibly – to check if Virgin Media Business Broadband is down in your area, simply use their broadband service checker or;