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BT Business Broadband

BT Business broadband is a product from BT that provides fast internet connection for companies. They are under a business-focused arm within the BT Group.

BT Business sits under the BT Enterprise arm, a division created in 2018, merging BT’s Business and Public Sector division with its Wholesale and Ventures business.

BT Enterprise offers a wealth of business-focused products, which include:

Here’s a guide with all the information to answer questions on BT Business broadband.

BT business broadband customer service

Here are the key customer service details for BT Business broadband.

BT business broadband contact number

The best number to catch the BT Business broadband customer service team on is 0800 800 152.

Here you can discuss current orders, issues with connection and any other queries or complaints you may have.

BT business broadband contact email

BT business broadband doesn’t have a specific customer service email address; however, on their help page, you can chat with an adviser through live chat.

On live chat, you can discuss any issues with orders of connections you may have, and they’ll help you resolve or at least diagnose the problem and have an engineer come out to fix the issue.

To access live chat, and select “Chat Now”.

BT business broadband contact us page.

The contact us page for BT Business broadband has all the information you need. To access it, click here.

BT Business Broadband Customer Login

Log into your customer portal by clicking on the following link:

How much is BT Business broadband

The cost of BT Business Broadband varies depending on the size of your business, the number of users, the type of package, and the add-ons your business needs.

The best way to find out the cost of BT Business Broadband is to assess your business’s needs and requirements and see what BT package will be able to cover this for you.

We also advise that you compare BT with other providers and see which 2-3 business broadband providers will best suit your requirements.

Then review the customer feedback and reviews to make an informed decision. Explore small business broadband and cheap business broadband deals today.

BT Business broadband reviews

To check out customer reviews on BT Business Broadband, you can find them on their Trustpilot.

BT Business broadband – FAQs

Here are frequently asked questions surrounding BT Business Broadband.

Can I get BT Sport with BT Business broadband?

No, you do not get BT Sport with a business broadband package. To get BT Sport, you must be a BT Sport Pack subscriber or a BT Home Broadband customer. You will then have the ability to get the BT Sport App or watch online at – but not with a business contract.

Can I use the BT Business broadband hub for home broadband?

Yes you can – a BT business broadband hub will work equally for home broadband.

Home broadband deals are typically cheaper than an equivalent business broadband contract, so it’s comparing broadband deals to see if there’s a more suitable alternative.

Is BT local business broadband actually BT?

No, BT Local Business Broadband is not BT.

BT Local Business broadband comprises a network of individually owned telecoms businesses that have partnered with BT. BT provides them access to its local customer base, and the independent telecoms business will then exclusively sell BT services and products.

The BT local business broadband company is like a BT franchise, where BT pays them a commission for selling their products. To be approved as a BT local business broadband provider, the independent business has to create a business plan and then showcase its plan to BT’s interviewing panel.

BT provides the independent company with a patch to operate where they have an operating licence to sell BT’s products.

Is BT Business broadband cheaper than TalkTalk business broadband?

No BT business broadband is not cheaper than TalkTalk business broadband. BT is one of the more expensive business broadband providers. You can compare these differences using our business broadband comparison service here.