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TalkTalk Business Broadband

Founded in 1995, TalkTalk Business was originally known as Opal Telecoms. Opal Telecoms was renamed TalkTalk Business and offers companies broadband, telephone, mobile phone and IT services.

Business broadband is a branch of the TalkTalk Business group and part of the TalkTalk Group. Here is a guide to everything you need to know about TalkTalk business broadband, from customer service details to the best deals!

TalkTalk Business broadband customer service

Here’s how to get hold of the TalkTalk Business customer services team.

TalkTalk Business broadband contact number

Here are the phone numbers for the TalkTalk business customer service team:

  • Small Business Customers: 0800 083 3003
  • Enterprise Customers: 0800 298 2883

You can also reach out to the customer service team via live chat.

TalkTalk Business broadband contact email

There is no set customer service email. However, you can call the customer support team or simply start a live chat with them – it’s also a much faster response time via these channels.

TalkTalk Business contact us page

Here’s the page for all of TalkTalk’s businesses’ contact details:

TalkTalk Business Broadband Customer Login

You can access your TalkTalk business broadband account here:

TalkTalk Business broadband service status

You can check the status of TalkTalk Business Broadband here. If you are still experiencing problems, it may be due to a local issue with a router or the connection within your premises.

Please reach out to a TalkTalk Business customer service agent who will be able to help diagnose the issue and offer you a solution.

All the contact details can be found here on TalkTalk’s business contact page.

TalkTalk Business Broadband deals

Here is an overview of the standard packages TalkTalk business broadband offers;

  • ​​Broadband
    • Ideal for small businesses looking for a simple, reliable connection.
    • Download Speed – Up to 17 Mb/s
    • Upload Speed – Up to 1 Mb/s
  • Business Fibre
    • A first step into Fibre and a great combination of speed and affordability
    • Download Speed – Up to 76 Mb/s
    • Upload Speed – Up to 18 Mb/s
  • Business Full Fibre
    • Ultrafast downloads and crystal-clear streaming – ideal for businesses with high data usage.
    • Download Speed – Up to 900 Mb/s
    • Upload Speed – Up to 115 Mb/s

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TalkTalk Business broadband reviews

To see all of TalkTalks reviews, you can find them here over on Trustpilot.

TalkTalk Business Broadband – FAQs

Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions surrounding TalkTalks business broadband offerings.

Is TalkTalk business broadband any good?

Depending on your definition of “Good”, TalkTalk Business broadband may suit you perfectly. However, this is for you to find out. We suggest noting down your key priorities for your business broadband provider. Here’s what to think about:

  • A Cost-effective contract
  • The Contract length needed
  • Improved customer service
  • Key technical requirements
    • Upload speeds
    • Download speeds
    • Connection type

Once you have specified your requirements, compare the latest business broadband deals and narrow the providers down to two or three you want to switch to. Then head over to their respective Trustpilot pages and review what their current and past customers have to say about them.

You’ll then determine if the business broadband provider is “good” and up to your standard. You can then switch your provider with confidence.

You can also check the latest small business broadband packages.

Does Talk Talk Business broadband offer a mobile phone deal?

Yep, they do. TalkTalk Business offers mobile phones and SIM-only mobile deals.

Does TalkTalk business broadband offer Sky Sports?

Unfortunately not! However, you can get it with a TalkTalk home broadband deal.

Does TalkTalk business broadband offer BT Sport?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot get BT Sport with the TalkTalk business broadband package.