Small business broadband

If you run a small business, keeping your costs down is important. One of the ways that you can do this is by comparing business broadband prices and ensuring that you are on the best value plan.


Benefits of broadband for small businesses

We’ve helped thousands of small companies find cheaper and faster broadband deals. Here are the top reasons to search for small business broadband deals today:

Faster business broadband

Broadband technology in the UK is constantly evolving, and more businesses now have access to the benefits of full-fibre broadband. Improve the efficiency of your office with a Gigabit broadband deal today.

Save thousands on business broadband

Businesses across the country have been hit by inflation-linked rises in the cost of their broadband. Save thousands by comparing the market and finding the cheapest broadband deal for your company today.

Dedicated business support

Access superior customer support with our trusted business broadband providers. Minimise interruptions at your business with the dedicated priority support offered to commercial broadband customers.

Service level agreements

Premium business broadband deals come with service-level agreements that promise minimum performance standards, committing your business broadband provider to deliver reliability and fast resolutions to interruptions.

Premium security features

Protect your business today with the cyber security features offered in our business broadband deals. Automatically alert your employees and customers to malware and dangerous websites with built-in internet security features.

Upgrade your WiFi router

Select a business broadband deal today and benefit from the latest broadband hardware. Benefit from a new router that can handle more devices and is backed up with 4G/5G technology in case of a problem.

Small business broadband and phone packages

Most small business broadband providers also offer online phone packages.

These are known as VoIP or cloud calls. A hosted VoIP phone system combines the features of a traditional phone system with the flexibility of the cloud – without compromising on quality.

Who are the best providers for small business broadband

Quite a few business broadband providers are dedicated to small businesses. The best supplier for your company depends on precisely what you are looking for: price, speed, security and whether you want to add VoIP and phone lines.

We recommend carefully comparing different small business broadband packages.

How to compare small business broadband

Here’s how to compare broadband deals for small businesses:

Your requirements

Your requirements

Understand what speed your business needs.

Enter your key details

Enter your key details

Provide some quick details about your business.

Compare deals

Compare deals

Check the deals available and choose the right plan for you.

Do small businesses need business broadband?

In many ways, a home broadband deal and a small business broadband package are similar and offer essentially the same service. However, small business broadband packages are better because of the following additional features:

  • Better security. Business broadband offers a higher protection level compared with home broadband to mitigate cyber risks associated with transmitting customer data. A business broadband provider will ensure there are multiple walls of security to protect you.
  • Speed. The faster the connection, the better. As most companies now run using cloud-based software, it’s important for the software to run at high speed to allow your teams to work efficiently. When your business downloads, uploads and streams – it will want this to be done effortlessly, and that’s why speed is so important.
  • A static IP. A static IP allows you to run these business operations:
    • Host your site and your domain’s named server.
    • Host your own server. It is imperative if you receive large quantities of huge file sizes. It ensures you can allow your clients to connect to your server with no complications.
    • Allows staff to access applications and files remotely.
  • Traffic prioritisation. Broadband suppliers prioritise businesses over households. BT and TalkTalk openly prioritise business broadband traffic over home broadband customers. Your business broadband will never have slow periods in the day and will be able to handle high spikes in usage.
  • High levels of customer support. Business broadband providers offer a much higher level of customer support, and you’ll have your dedicated support team. It’s essential for you to have an internet connection, and any downtime can result in financial losses for most businesses that depend on a solid broadband connection to carry out business processes and tasks.

Specialist small business broadband providers

There are lots of companies out there that specialise in small business broadband. Here are a few that we think can offer your business great packages.

Small business broadband
Small business broadband
Small business broadband
Small business broadband

How to choose the right small business broadband plan

When finding the right plan for your business, it is essential to look at all features that are important to you. Let’s look at some of the questions you will need to answer:

  • How many users will you have?
  • Do you want to provide free Wi-Fi to your visitors?
  • What sort of applications will your users be using the connection for?
  • How much downtime can you afford if you were without broadband for a day or week?
  • How would downtime affect your business?

Other factors you will want to consider are:

  • Availability – The type of network in your area will determine your speeds. You can check what’s available in your area using Ofcom’s broadband availability checker
  • Contract length – Most business broadband providers offer 1 and 2-year deals
  • Business broadband price – what can you afford? Some packages start as low as £14.99 per month and can go up to £500 per month.
  • Speed – how fast will you need your speed? Slow internet can cost your business in productivity, so select the appropriate speed.
  • SLA – What service-level agreement or priority engineer support is offered in case of interruptions?
  • Security – Broadband provides an ‘always-on’ connection. This increases the security risks your business network or equipment could become exposed to, such as viruses or hackers. It’s important to check what your provider offers you regarding added security.

How to get the best small business broadband deal

Here’s how to get the best small business broadband deal in 3 easy steps. Compare business broadband and benefit from secured connections, faster broadband speeds and cheap business broadband deals.

Audit your current speed requirements

Audit your current speed requirements

Review the current speed of your connection and understand if you need to reduce or increase it – or keep it the same.

Understand your broadband requirements

Understand your broadband requirements

Make sure you understand your business broadband needs, including support SLAs and static IP addresses.

Add your postcode and browse deals

Add your postcode and browse deals

Begin the comparison. Add your key details and get the best business broadband deals out there to review.

What’s a good speed for small business broadband?

The speed that you need for your small business broadband will depend on a few factors, including how many users you will have connected and what capabilities you need for your business, such as sending and receiving files, video conferencing, and even hosting your own servers.

Below is a guide on what speeds you may want for your business broadband.

Number of EmployeesSuggested SpeedCapabilities
2 or less5-10 MbpsWeb browsing, research, sharing small files, checking email
3 to 525 MbpsDownloading large files, wifi, business communications
6-1075 MbpsVideo streaming, remote work, regular file sharing, numerous points of sale transactions (ie card payments)
11-15150 MbpsE-commerce, cloud computing, video conferencing, backing up data, web hosting
16-20250 MbpsHosting a server, streaming and conferencing
21-30500 MbpsHosting multiple servers, regular cloud-based computing, scheduled online backups
30+1 GbpsTrouble-free large operations, large offices

Small business broadband – FAQs

Our business broadband experts answer your key questions for small business broadband.

Are there any data usage limits on small business broadband plans?

Most business broadband packages have unlimited data usage. Make sure you ask your chosen supplier if this is the case.

What is the average cost of small business broadband?

Small business broadband costs range from 14.99 per month to £500 per month, depending on your chosen speed and other features such as VoIP and phone lines.

Check out our cheap business broadband offers.

Are there any specific small business broadband deals or discounts available?

Every business broadband supplier offers introductory prices and deals, such as vouchers or money off. Check with your chosen supplier if they have any offers.

What are the key features of small business broadband packages?

There are many key features to consider when choosing small business broadband, like speed, security or aftercare support.

Can you get business broadband if you work from home?

Business broadband can be more expensive than home broadband, so if working from home is only temporary, you should probably not upgrade to business broadband. If you will be permanently working from home, upgrading to busienss broadband could be a good option.

Who has the best small business broadband and phone packages?

Small business broadband deals are available mainly if you have a headcount of 10 staff or under. These provide superfast yet affordable commercial broadband packages designed specifically for small businesses.

We advise that you review your requirements from your broadband contract and then begin to compare the different options in the market for you.

Once you’ve found your top 2 tariffs, review each provider’s Trustpilot to ensure you are comfortable with their service and understand what past and present users’ experience has been with them.

View here the best business broadband providers.