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Hyperoptic Business Broadband

Hyperoptic broadband was founded in 2011 by Boris Ivanovic and Dana Tobak. Hyperoptic has been gradually extending its reach city by city, starting in Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester.

The Hyperoptic broadband network is now available in 64 UK towns and cities. In 2023, Hyperoptic won the “Broadband Provider of the Year” in the uSwitch telecoms awards.

Hyperoptic is now one of the UK’s biggest network providers and offers a viable alternative to other business broadband providers using Openreach or Virgin Media’s cable broadband networks.

Hyperoptic business broadband customer service

Here are all the customer service details you need for Hyperoptic business broadband.

Hyperoptic business broadband contact number

The Hyperoptic broadband contact number is: 0333 332 1111

Hyperoptic broadband contact email

You can contact the Hyperoptic broadband customer service team via email at: support@hyperoptic.com.

If you’re looking for an even speedier method than email, you can contact them by live support chat here. You’ll be able to get prompt answers to any outstanding queries, questions, and issues.

Hyperoptic business broadband speeds

Hyperoptic exclusively offers a full-fibre business broadband service, which means high-speed fibre broadband cables extend all the way from their servers into your commercial property.

Hyperoptic offers a range of business broadband packages featuring a variety of guaranteed speeds:

Use our business broadband speed calculator as a guide to determine the minimum speed requirements for your company.

Hyperoptic leased line broadband

Hyperoptic offers a leased line fibre service on their network, providing unparalleled internet speed and security.

For more information on the advantages of a leased line broadband connection, refer to our full guide.

Hyperoptic’s leased line packages come with internet speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Customers of leased line services benefit from a dedicated Business Support Team, available 7 days a week, and a 5-hour Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Hyperoptic broadband availability in my area

Hyperoptic broadband is rapidly expanding across the UK but remains far from achieving universal coverage. Check if their services are available in your area here.

Once you’ve landed on the page, simply scroll to the top and add your postcode to the address finder.

Hyperoptic Broadband – FAQs

Here our broadband experts answer the most commonly asked questions about Hyperoptic business broadband.

How good is Hyperoptic business broadband?

Hyperoptic boasts over 20,000 reviews on Trustpilot, achieving an excellent average rating. The network also boasts a reliability greater than 99.99%, making it a trustworthy choice for a business broadband provider.

Whether Hyperoptic is the right fit for your business largely depends on the specific needs of your organisation. We recommend comparing Hyperoptic’s services against other broadband providers that meet your requirements, including aspects such as speed, costs, latency and the availability of extra services such as VPNs, static IPs and high-capacity routers business broadband routers.

Review our best business broadband providers report to compare business broadband offerings in the UK.

Does Hyperoptic offer business phone lines?

Hyperoptic only offers full-fibre connections, meaning it does not depend on traditional phone cables at all.

However, a business phone line is available as an optional extra with all of Hyperoptic’s business broadband packages. Hyperoptic partners with Ring Central to offer a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service add-on to their packages.

What contract lengths are available with Hyperoptic business broadband packages?

Hyperoptic business broadband packages are currently available with a minimum commitment of 12 months and extend up to a maximum of 36 months.