About us

At Business Broadband Hub, we want to help businesses across Britain get a better deal on their Business Broadband. We know all there is to know about Business Broadband and have created some handy guides, so businesses can make informed decisions to get a better Business Broadband deal.

Our Mission

The business broadband industry can be challenging to understand for owners and decision-makers. We aim to provide transparency by producing helpful guides on various business broadband-related questions to help business owners get the best service, speed and deal for their business broadband.

We believe comparing business broadband deals offered by different providers should be achievable in just a few clicks. We aim to:

About Us

Provide a fair and independent view of all deals offered by broadband providers.

About Us

Provide a seamless, hassle-free business broadband provider switching service.

About Us

Help business owners navigate and get more from the telecoms industry.

Our Business

Business Broadband Hub is part of the AquaSwitch group of websites. We want to provide total transparency into how our business works and how we earn our revenues. Business Broadband Hub provides a comparison and switching service that allows British businesses to benefit from the best business broadband deals.

Business Broadband Hub has agreements in place with business broadband providers. The providers will pay a small brokerage commission to introduce a new customer.

Business Broadband Hub tries to include as many providers as possible in our business broadband comparisons. However, there are circumstances where a provider cannot be included in our comparison reports – for example, we may not be able to show a supplier’s deals because we do not have an agreement with them or because they do not wish to be included in our comparison.

In industry jargon, Business Broadband Hub is described as a ‘third party intermediary’ since we are not a supplier and work on behalf of business broadband customers.

Business Broadband Hub fully complies with the voluntary third-party intermediary code of conduct published by Ofcom, the broadband and telecoms market regulator.

Our Leadership Team

The founders of Business Broadband Hub were deeply motivated by the challenges businesses of all sizes faced in selecting and managing broadband services. Their personal experiences in the tech and telecommunications sectors revealed a significant gap in the market: many businesses struggled to understand their broadband options and often settled for suboptimal solutions. Determined to address this issue, they established “Business Broadband Hub” to demystify broadband choices, offering clear, comprehensive guidance tailored to the unique needs of smaller enterprises. Their goal was to ensure these businesses could make informed decisions, harnessing the full potential of broadband to drive growth and innovation.

Ben - Managing Director

Ben - Managing Director

Ben is a qualified accountant with 12 years of experience in finance for high-growth tech companies. Ben worked at Cazoo, where he joined as one of the first employees helping to transform the start-up from just an idea on paper to a NYSE-listed tech unicorn with over 3,000 employees.

Ben’s LinkedIn Profile

Louise - Commercial Director

Louise - Commercial Director

Louise is a specialist in process improvement & strategy. Louise built the customer retention team at Black Sheep from a small group to over 40+ employees. She focused on improving customer experience by identifying changes and implementing strategy, processes, and system improvements. Louise previously worked for Bupa International.

Louise’s Linkedin Profile

Tom - Digital Director

Tom - Digital Director

Tom is a digital marketing specialist with over ten years of experience. Tom previously worked for Exodus Travels, building and developing the CRM and digital strategy. Tom worked at KeepCup, revolutionising their digital strategies from the research stage to the final implementation.

Tom’s LinkedIn Profile

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