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ZTNA Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) represents a paradigm shift in cybersecurity. Instead of “simply asking for ID at the entrance,” it transforms security into an “Orwellian monitoring system” that continuously tracks the activities of even the most trusted users. While granting such powers to a real-life government would be alarming, applying this level of scrutiny…

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hacker_screen How can my business survive a cyberattack?

While there are no statistics on the number of attempted business cyberattacks, a government survey suggests that as many as 39% of businesses reported attacks in 2022. While most are unsuccessful, the few that succeed force businesses to deploy significant financial and human resources to mitigate the attack and deal with the financial, reputational, and…

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Supply-chain-containers Supply chain management software

The world has become deeply interconnected through supply chains, and any weak links will increase everyone’s costs. This means that the efficiency of operations at any given point, be it the warehouse, port, or retailer, can make or break businesses. Supply chain management (SCM) software emerges as a critical tool, harmonising complex operations from raw…

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project-management Project management software

Project management technology is rapidly evolving; few outside digital or corporate businesses understand it. The days of effective Gantt charts drawn on whiteboards or Kanbans shared on Google Sheets are dawning. We now have project management software that incorporates all management needs in a single platform. While this can improve workflows, collaboration and efficiency, misusing…

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hosting Business website hosting

Most British businesses have a website, despite social media platforms providing the opportunity for online exposure. This is because websites have more functionality, customisability, and domain names that give them PR authority. That said, websites require hosting, which is more complicated than setting up social media profiles. There are many different types of web hosting…

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Telecoms_Tower What is Ofcom?

In the digital age, regulators like Ofcom not only ensure businesses get the best telecom services possible but also that the UK doesn’t end up looking like in Arnold Schawrsnegger’s classic “The Terminator”, where the unregulated tech development of corporations took us to an apocalyptic age! Jokes aside, this article delves into Ofcom’s responsibilities, its…

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