XLN Business Broadband Deals

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XLN Business Broadband

XLN broadband, also known in full as XLN Business Services, is a utility service provider based in the UK with offices in London and Sheffield. XLN began in 2002, founded by Christian Nellemann.

Nellemann found a gap in the market for a telecomms provider that focuses solely on small businesses. From the initial offering, XLN has expanded into additional services, including business mobile, card processing machines, fibre broadband, free public Wi-Fi, and VoIP hosting.

Currently, XLN focuses on small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and has over 700,000 customers across its product offering.

XLN broadband deals

XLN business broadband deals start at around £27.95 per month for basic business broadband and phone combo deal. They have other broadband deals that are as follows:

  • Broadband & Phone. This includes:
    • Line rental included
    • Unlimited UK Calls (landline & mobiles)
    • Speeds up to 17Mb
    • Free plug & play router
    • Keep your existing business phone number
  • Fibre Broadband & Phone. This includes:
    • Line rental included
    • Unlimited UK Calls (landline & mobiles)
    • Superfast speeds up to 76Mb
    • Minimum speed guarantee
    • Free plug & play router
    • Free internet security
  • Guest Wi-Fi. This includes:
    • Let your customers surf the internet for free
    • No setup cost
    • No complex configuration
    • No password sharing
    • Simple guest registration

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What business services does XLN provide?

XLN, as well as being a business broadband provider, XLN offers many business-based products ranging from business phone lines to business payment solutions. Here’s a full breakdown of their product offering:

  • Business Broadband
    • Broadband & Phone
    • Fibre Broadband & Phone
    • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Business Phone
    • Phone Line & Calls
    • Fibre Broadband & Digital Phone Line
    • Cloud Voice & Mobile Data
  • Business Mobile
    • 4GB Mobile Data SIM
    • 10GB Mobile Data SIM
    • Unlimited Mobile Data SIM
  • Business Payments
    • Countertop / Portable Card Machines
    • Online Virtual Payments
    • Mobile Card Readers

To access any of these business products, you can click here and access them on XLN’s product page.

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XLN Broadband customer reviews

Review XLN’s past and current customer reviews on their Trustpilot review page. Here, you will get an insight into customers’ thoughts and feelings towards the business broadband provider.

Who owns XLN broadband?

The Daisy Group. XLN was originally founded by Christian Nellemann, who led a management buyout of XLN with Palatine Private Equity in 2008. In 2010, ECI Partners acquired a majority stake in XLN.

In March 2022, Daisy Group acquired XLN for £210 million.

XLN broadband customer service

Here are the key customer service details for XLN broadband.

XLN broadband contact number

XLN has two customer support numbers. One for general customer support and the other for technical support. The XLN customer support numbers are as follows:

Technical Support: 0808 178 5200
Customer Service: 0344 880 7777

XLN broadband contact email

XLN broadband doesn’t have a specific customer service email address. However, they are incredibly responsive to the phone numbers above. Or, you can click here on their support page and chat with them through live chat.

The support team on the live chat will be able to identify your problem and provide a solution.

XLN broadband contact us page

The XLN broadband contact Us page can be accessed here.

XLN Broadband Customer Login

Log into your customer portal by clicking on the following link: https://myaccount.xln.co.uk/

XLN Broadband FAQs

All the most frequently asked questions surrounding XLN broadband.

What is XLN free Wi-Fi?

We touched upon this in the XLN broadband deals. This is a perfect solution for public houses, coffee shops, cafes and any other customer-facing businesses.

The XLN free Wi-Fi is called Guest Wi-Fi in terms of the product name at XLN. Free guest Wi-Fi is essentially a broadband contract that allows customers who visit the business (i.e. a coffee shop) to securely log into a free Wi-Fi connection within the premises. It’s perfect for pubs, bars, cafes, coffee shops and any other consumer-facing premises.

Where is XLN based?

XLN is a UK-based company with its head office based in London at Millbank Tower. They also have another office based in Sheffield. All XLN call centres are based in London and Sheffield, with a relatively local base.

How many employees does XLN have?

500+ employees. The majority of the company is based in London and Sheffield.