Christian M.

Christian M. is an experienced earth scientist & engineer turned technical copywriter. He is particularly interested in the intersection between technology and the water and energy markets, making him a perfect fit at Business Broadband Hub. He was an initial investor in the project and recently joined the team in 2022. Christian's LinkedIn profile can be found here. Christian is an expert content writer specialising in business broadband.

guest wifi Guest WiFi

The importance of Guest WiFi in modern businesses is often underestimated. Guest WiFi protects companies against cybersecurity threats from untrusted devices, enhances visitors’ experience and operational efficiency,  and can even be used for monetisation. This article explains Guest WiFi and explores the benefits, setup, and customisation. 💡 Key takeaways: Security: Isolating guest traffic from the…

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Redundancy Business broadband redundancy

A “redundant” business broadband connection always has a backup connection in case of network or provider failure. It’s like the UK road system: If the motorway becomes clogged, you can always be routed through an alternative road. Except that in a redundant broadband setup, your data is unlikely to ever sit in traffic! This article…

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scalability Scalability for business broadband

Maintaining a scalable and reliable broadband connection is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment. As businesses grow, so do their internet needs, with 81% of companies experiencing increased bandwidth demand due to cloud computing and remote work. This article explores the strategies you need to follow to ensure your broadband can seamlessly adapt to your…

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throttling Avoiding business broadband throttling

Experiencing bandwidth throttling can be frustrating, impacting your employees’ productivity and affecting the quality of your online services. But don’t fret; this article provides practical tools for identifying throttling and different ways to mitigate it. Not to mention that businesses are already very unlikely to suffer from throttling as their traffic takes priority over domestic…

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ZTNA Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) represents a paradigm shift in cybersecurity. Instead of “simply asking for ID at the entrance,” it transforms security into an “Orwellian monitoring system” that continuously tracks the activities of even the most trusted users. While granting such powers to a real-life government would be alarming, applying this level of scrutiny…

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hacker_screen How can my business survive a cyberattack?

While there are no statistics on the number of attempted business cyberattacks, a government survey suggests that as many as 39% of businesses reported attacks in 2022. While most are unsuccessful, the few that succeed force businesses to deploy significant financial and human resources to mitigate the attack and deal with the financial, reputational, and…

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