Tom Melhuish

Tom is the founder of Business Broadband Hub. An expert in the business broadband industry. A digital marketing specialist with over eight years of experience. Tom previously worked for Centrica, the holding company of British Gas then moved on to work for Exodus Travels and Pollen, building and developing the CRM, digital strategy and an in-depth content strategy contributing on specialist content. Tom was most recently working at KeepCup, revolutionising their digital strategies from the research stage to the final implementation. Tom Graduated from UWE with a degree in Business Studies and Analytics. To find out more about Tom, visit his LinkedIn profile here.

PSTN Stop sell PSTN ‘stop sell’: All you need to know

You may have heard about the big switch off of analogue landlines in 2025, but have you heard of PSTN ‘Stop Sell’? In this blog post, we look deeper into the end of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and what this means for your business. What is the PSTN ‘stop sell?’ The PSTN (Public…

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How to get broadband without a landline How to get broadband without a landline

In the UK, everyone has the right to access broadband and telephone services at an affordable price. This law is known as the Universal Services Obligation. However, the law may soon become obsolete as mobile broadband (which doesn’t require a landline connection) rapidly grows on par with the expansion of high-speed 5G cellular networks. The…

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Average broadband costs Average broadband cost: Average broadband costs in the UK explored!

Broadband prices can be a minefield. Everyone just wants to get the best deal for fast, reliable broadband, but to get the cheapest cost, you really need to think about the following: Time-limited broadband deals Mid-contract price increases Your choice of broadband connection types Here’s our ultimate guide to the average UK broadband costs in…

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Service level agreement Business Broadband service-level agreements (SLAs): Who uses them and why?

The service-level agreement (SLA) defines the benchmark broadband performance you’re signing up for and is a key support document if you ever have any issues with your business broadband provider. In this post, we take a deep dive into SLAs so you are in the best possible position if you ever need to claim or…

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The big switch off Have you heard about the big switch-off?

By 2025, homeowners and businesses across the UK will lose the humble landline. But don’t fret; you’ll still be able to chat for hours on a traditional handset; you’ll just be connected differently. Let’s dive into the big switch-off. Contents What will happen? What is the ISDN? How to ensure your business is not affected…

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Business broadband better than residential Is business broadband better than residential in 2023?

Since COVID-19, the boundaries between work and home have become blurred. People across the country spend increasing amounts of time taking work Zoom calls at home in their pyjamas. With more people relying on their home broadband to complete their work, people often ask whether they should upgrade their home broadband to a business broadband…

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