Plusnet Business Broadband Deals

Compare the latest Plusnet broadband deals and plenty more business broadband providers to get the best deal! Compare business broadband deals today, and benefit from:

  • Save £1,000’s on business broadband costs
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Excellent customer support
Plusnet Business Broadband Deals

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Plusnet Business Broadband

Plusnet is a Sheffield-based internet service provider founded in 1997. Plusnet became a public company in July 2004 before being acquired by the BT Group in 2007.

Plusnet offers business broadband services with either a full fibre or a standard business broadband connection.

Plusnet business broadband customer service

Here are the key customer service details for Plusnet Business broadband.

Plusnet business broadband contact number

The Plusnet business broadband contact number is: 0800 432 0200

Plusnet business broadband contact email

Unfortunately, you cannot contact Plusnet business broadband by email – although you can reach them on the contact number above or through the Plusnet community.

Plusnet business broadband contact us page

You can contact Plusnet business here on the Plusnet business contact us page for all questions, queries and complaints.

Plusnet Business Broadband Customer Login

Log into your customer portal by clicking on the following link:

Plusnet Business broadband deals

When looking at the latest business broadband deals, it’s imperative you have your business’s requirements in mind.

Are you looking for:

  • Superfast broadband connections?
  • Better customer service?
  • Secure connections?
  • A low-cost solution for your business?

Make sure you have your priorities in mind, then compare a range of business broadband packages. Once you have compared a few packages, check out their customer service reviews and ensure they’re the best fit for you.

The standard packages Plusnet business broadband has are:

  • Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband
    • Speeds up to 76 Mb
    • Line rental included
    • All-new Hub Two included
  • Unlimited Business Broadband
    • Speeds up to 17 Mb
    • Line rental included
    • All-new Hub Two included

Compare business broadband with Plusnet today.

Plusnet Business broadband customer reviews

Before switching to a new business broadband provider, it’s essential to check out their customer service reviews. The best place to review current and form customer reviews is through Trustpilot.

Make sure you are happy with the reviews left before switching to a new package. There is nothing worse than switching providers, only to be greeted with a hellish experience and next to no customer service.

To read the latest customer reviews, check out the Plusnet Business Broadband Trustpilot channel.

Plusnet Business broadband FAQs

The most commonly asked questions surrounding Plusnet business broadband.

Does Plusnet do business accounts?

It does! Plusnet offers some of the best business broadband deals out there. You can compare their latest deals with our business broadband comparison tool.

Does Plusnet Business broadband come with a call package?

Plusnet for businesses does offer you a choice to partner your broadband package with a call package. It also provides the option to have unlimited calls or pay-as-you-go contracts. Unlimited calls are usually the most cost-effective, depending on your business’s operations.

Can you get BT sport on Plusnet Business broadband?

No. A question asked so often, but unfortunately, you cannot get BT Sport on the Plusnet Business broadband package.