Cheap business broadband deals

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Cheapest business broadband

The cheapest business broadband deals offer a reliable internet connection for as little as £25 a month. You benefit from the following:

  • No initial set-up costs
  • Guaranteed minimum speeds
  • Reliable fibre connection

Read our full breakdown of the benefits of cheap business broadband.

Cheap business telephone and broadband packages

Bundling together a few products can be the best way to obtain the best value for your business broadband. Here are a few useful services that can be packaged with your business broadband:

Business telephone – Having a landline telephone is still a cost-effective option for making business calls. Most business broadband providers still offer a fixed telephone line.

VoIP phone systems – In a full-fibre broadband connection, we recommend using a VoIP service that uses your high-speed internet to make calls rather than relying on old-fashioned landlines.

Business mobile phones – Some larger providers like BT business broadband and Virgin business broadband also offer mobile phone contracts for businesses alongside their business broadband packages.

How to get cheap business broadband deals

We recommend the following three steps when looking to find a cheap broadband deal for your business:

Review network options

Review network options

Use Ofgem’s broadband coverage checker to discover the broadband network options available at your business location.

Need for speed

Need for speed

Consider your current broadband speed and assess whether your business could benefit from a faster connection.

Compare deals

Compare deals

Use our free business broadband comparison service to quickly compare multiple providers and find the cheapest deal.

Benefits of cheap business broadband

Many businesses don’t need the expense of an all-singing, all-dancing broadband package. A cheap business broadband deal provides a low-cost alternative with the following basic features:

  • A basic wifi router – A wifi router will be similar to what’s on offer on a home broadband deal. If your connection goes down, this typically won’t include a 4g backup.
  • Minimum speed guarantee – A cheap business broadband package will typically guarantee a certain level of broadband speed, but it typically won’t be an ultrafast connection offered by more expensive deals
  • Broadband only – Most providers offer a cheap business broadband deal that doesn’t require you to pay for a separate phone line.
  • Dynamic IP – In a cheap business broadband package, the IP address of your business will regularly change.
  • Minimum support levels – In a cheap business broadband package, the support levels offered by providers will not guarantee an SLA.

Cheap business broadband - our providers

The biggest business broadband providers offer an “essentials” package that provides the benefit of fast and reliable connections but at affordable prices.

Here are just a few of the top cheap business broadband providers:

Cheap business broadband deals
Cheap business broadband deals
Cheap business broadband deals
Cheap business broadband deals
Cheap business broadband deals
Cheap business broadband deals
Cheap business broadband deals
Cheap business broadband deals

What to consider whilst looking for cheap business broadband plans

Not all cheap business broadband deals are the same. Here are the key considerations to consider when finding the best deal for your company:

  • Minimum guaranteed speeds – Most providers will guarantee their advertised download speeds. It’s important to consider precisely what speed your business needs. There’s nothing more frustrating than interrupted video calls or waiting for your CRM system to load.
  • Contract length – The cheapest business broadband deals available on the market typically commit your company to a two-year contract. It’s important to understand the contract’s length when comparing providers.
  • Inclusion or exclusion of a phone line – Consider whether your business needs a landline. If it is not needed, there’s no point paying for this as part of your cheap business broadband deal.
  • Interruption guarantees – Even in a basic business broadband package, most providers will typically offer a guaranteed period for their engineers to fix any interruptions to your broadband connections.
  • Customer reviews – Customer service is always important. We recommend reviewing Trustpilot to see the reviews of existing customers before switching broadband packages.

Cheap business broadband deals – FAQs

Even when considering basic business broadband contracts, many factors remain to consider. Our broadband experts have answered some of the most commonly asked questions below:

Are there any good promotions available for cheap business broadband deals?

The likely answer is “yes”. The business broadband market is highly competitive, with providers all seeking to outcompete each other by offering cheap business broadband deals.

Cheap business broadband deals are typically time limited, so to find what is currently available in the market, simply enter your business details above to get cheap business broadband deals.

As well as the cheapest business broadband deals, we offer business broadband comparison.

Is cheap business broadband reliable enough for my business needs?

It depends. A business broadband connection’s reliability is key when choosing your next deal.

The good news is that cheap business broadband deals still use the same reliable broadband infrastructure offered on more expensive packages. There’s nothing inherently unreliable about a cheap business broadband deal.

On the other hand, cheap business broadband often has limited guarantees if something needs to be fixed. More expensive broadband packages provide specific SLAs for fixing your connection when something goes wrong.

What are the limitations of cheap business broadband?

Here are three of the important limitations to understand if you’re considering a cheap business broadband deal:

  • Speed – The guaranteed speed in a basic business broadband package is often low, meaning it will only be suitable for a small number of users.
  • Router quality – The router provided may be of lower quality and won’t include features like 4g backup. View our in-depth business broadband router guide.
  • Reliability – Your broadband provider will likely only give limited guarantees of their action if your broadband connection is interrupted.

Do cheap business broadband deals require a much longer-term contract commitment?

The cheapest business broadband deals typically require a contract length of 24 months.

Early termination fees for business broadband providers can be onerous, so it’s important to make sure you choose a contract length that suits your business needs.

What kind of customer support can I expect with cheap business broadband deals?

Business broadband providers often have separate customer service phone lines for their large customers on expensive contracts.

It really varies from one broadband provider to the next. We recommend reviewing the Trustpilot scores to get a view of the quality of customer services at a particular business broadband provider.

How can I ensure that cheap business broadband meets the security requirements of my business?

It’s important to consider the IT security requirements of your business. A basic business broadband package may not provide the security levels your business requires.

Here are the three important security factors if you’re considering a cheap business broadband deal:

  • Static or dynamic IP – A typical cheap business broadband package will use a dynamic IP address. Upgrading to a static IP helps to restrict access to your network from remote workers.
  • Leased line – A leased line broadband connection comes at a much greater cost but provides unparalleled security as you don’t share your fibre optic cables with other users.
  • Built-in firewalls – Some broadband routers provide an in-built firewall that adds another level of security.