Sky business broadband

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Sky business broadband

Sky is the largest provider of paid TV services in the UK and a brand name most people will be very familiar with. Sky broadband is owned by the US giant Comcast and provides various services, including broadband and telephone, alongside their paid-TV service.

Sky business broadband has provided services to small, medium and large businesses for a while, although recently released a small business product known as Sky Connect.

Here we answer all of your Sky Business Broadband questions:

Sky business broadband customer service

Here are the key customer service details for Sky Business broadband.

Sky business broadband contact number

Here are the contact numbers and the details for Sky Business broadband:

  • Independent Customers: 03337 594 740
  • Group Customers: 08442 411 611
  • Multi-Site Customers: 08442 410 059

Sky business broadband contact email

Sky business only provides a direct business email addresses for their large Group and Multisite customers as follows:


Sky business broadband contact us page

For all the business broadband contact details, you can find these here on the Sky Business customer service page.

Sky Business Broadband Customer Login

Log into your customer portal by clicking on the following link: Sky Business Broadband Login.

Sky Business broadband deals

Here’s a breakdown of Sky business broadband standard packages:

  • Essential
    • Download speeds up to 76Mb/s
    • Upload speeds up to 28Mb/s
    • 1 Phone line
    • Unlimited calls
  • Plus
    • Download speeds up to 150Mb/s
    • Upload speeds up to 28Mb/s
    • 4G always-on router
    • 1 Phone line
    • Unlimited calls
  • Pro
    • Download speeds up to 150Mb/s
    • Upload speeds up to 28Mb/s
    • 4G always-on router
    • 2 Phone lines
    • Unlimited calls

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Sky Business broadband customer reviews

When looking at different broadband packages, you need to make sure you know what your business needs out of your broadband package. Not only are the speeds, price, and add-ons provided important, but so are customer reviews.

Business broadband is a huge expense for any business, so making the right decision is important. Ensure you get the best broadband package by reviewing the customer reviews from past and previous customers to get an actual idea of what they are like.

Read Sky Broadbands’ customer reviews here on Trustpilot.

Sky Business broadband FAQs

All your Sky business broadband FAQs answered:

Does Sky offer business broadband?

Yep. Sky offers business broadband. You can check out Sky business broadband deals here. Make sure you understand your business broadband requirements to compare business broadband.

Can I use Sky Home broadband for my business?

You can do that, but you’ll miss out on plenty of perks for business broadband. By using a home broadband connection for your business means, you’ll miss out on the following:

  • Super secure internet connections
  • Fast internet speeds
  • Better customer service
  • Faster download and upload speeds
  • Higher priority connection

However, if you’re working from home or running a part-time business, it’s probably worth using your home broadband as long as it can cope with your usage demands. If it’s managing a website and a few programs on the Cloud, you’ll be fine running off a standard household broadband package.

Is Sky Business broadband down?

Potentially! You can check the latest Sky business broadband service statuses here.

If you are still having connection issues, it may be due to a local issue with your router. Make sure you contact the Sky Business broadband customer service team, and they’ll help you diagnose the issue and provide a solution.

My Sky Business connection is slow; where can I test my speed?

You can test your business broadband speed with our internet speed test.